About Us

Petrova is your go to brand for products that surpirise and delight. From unique fragrances to exquisite packaging, we make finding your solution an easy decision. 

- who we are

Petrova is a brand that can be used around the house, offering ranges of skincare, haircare and even disinfectants. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all your home needs. Petrova – all you can imagine.



petrova naturals

Dive into our Petrova naturals range of skincare and haircare. We offer a wide range of solutions, while keeping our formulas free from paraben and using natural extracts in each one of our products. All of Petrova naturals range is designed to make you feel beautiful, while coming in a variety of fresh, enticing scents to awaken your routine, while being gentle on your skin.


petrova care

This range was created to keep you and your family safe. Used by many mothers around the world, to help mums protect their families from harmful germs. Petrova care products are safe to use on skin but also we offer powerful enough products to use for environmental germ-killing tasks. We use the best science available to develop solutions for skin and surfaces which result in healthier people and a healthy environment.



petrova professional

Get the confidence you need to express yourself with our Petrova professional range. A range designed to keep you looking like the best version of yourself, our advanced haircare formulas offers you the new solutions to restore your hair with the nutrients it needs for healthy, beautiful hair days while always being paraben free.


petrova Experiences

Experience our charming collection of unique products that channel your beauty and inspires a true sense of bliss and happiness. Petrova Experiences are designed for a young and expressive woman. The Petrova experiences range place you on a pedestal of enchanting beauty; our products are what you truly have been looking for.

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